Sunday, January 26, 2014


A new idea I'd like to incorporate into my blogs is themes.  Every week I seem to write poetry about different parts of my life, either the past that is somehow dug up or the present that is befuddling.  So I figured along with tracking my progress my blogs can also be used to follow my thoughts from this point on.  I've been doing this in a way I guess it's not a completely new idea...but I just thought I should officially announce that themes are now going to be the core of my blog posts.

My theme of the week is dreams...and dreams come at the most unique times.  You could be having an awful day, go to sleep angry, then wake up completely content, or vise versa.  I'm not one to dream often, but when I do dream, they're either so crazy I can't remember or so real that it's hard to differentiate from reality.  What really boggles me is where the dreams come the somnolent mind comes up with such extreme situations.  Most of the time I can take some sort of lesson from them but sometimes the morals are so intricately wound into the dream that it takes me a while to figure out.  I never used to think about dreams this much, besides the reoccurring ones.  But in the past week I've had a dream almost every night.  Some have been short and simple, some long and complex, some I woke up drenched in sweat, some I woke up smiling to. When I've woken up, I've just sat there trying to wrap my brain around what just happened and what I can apply to reality.  Some of the situations were more drastic versions of the predicaments I'm currently in and they really helped me open my eyes and think about solutions.  Overall, I think this might be my brains way of telling me to research dreams and learn more about them.  I've also realized that I am very intrigued by the human brain.  I think some kind of investigative science with brains in the future is a definite possibility for me.

Well, midterms really took a toll on me and I didn't have a chance to write much besides a few poems about dreams.  I'm hoping to write more this week!!


  1. I think having a theme is a good idea, to help you to focus your writing. I think part of the reason why we struggle when sitting down to write something is that we do not always have a goal. Having a goal or some purpose when writing - even if that purpose is to "free-write" - guides the process. You can also tell in the end how much progress you have made, whether or not you met your goal!

    I like how you wrote about dreams making you interested in the brain and how it works. Have you considered psychology? I think it is fascinating! I am not a science person myself, as you can imagine as an English teacher; however, the workings of the mind and how it applies to people's behavior is so interesting! Are you more interested in the "science" aspect of the brain, as in the chemical processes and how biology creates "dreams," let's say? Or are you intrigued by what the brain says about people in real life? To me, it seems like you are more interested in the latter, which, in that case, I would highly suggest looking into psychology!

    Great post! Keep writing!

    1. I'm very interested in psychology, I think I'm taking it senior year!! As for brains, I've been thinking a lot about trying to become a neurosurgeon in my future. I know it would be a long difficult road, but it really intrigues me. Thanks for the feedback(:

    2. If that's what you're interested in, go for it! You have to do what you're passionate about in life!