Friday, March 21, 2014


Theme of the week is gothic literature!  In class, we just wrapped up gothic lit and Poe has actually been an interesting influence in my poetry.  After completing a 2000 word essay analyzing his work, I've learned a lot about Poe and love his work.  I could go on and on gushing about how precise and vivid his word choice is, how intense his plots are, and how flawlessly he incorporates literary techniques.  He's just awesome, and has inspired me to create some poetry revolving around the theme of death and darkness. Here is one of the shorter poems I wrote:

As darkness emerges
A figure appears
Creeping closer and closer
Until his ominous gaze
Meets my wobbly presence 

Suddenly I can’t breathe
There’s a dark hand grabbing
Clasping my neck
Eliminating my breath
His eyes are glistening

Dizziness washes over me
My body crashes to the floor
His hands are off
Yet his gaze perpetuates
As if he’s reading my soul

Something shiny appears
Along with a smile on his face
He steps forward
Crouches down
Winks and stabs

My eyes bulge 
His glisten
My throat bursts with noise
His chuckles
My brain explodes with blackness
His undoubtedly feels satisfied
My body lays
His disappears into the darkness 

I'm planning on creating more gothic poetry; I'm going to focus this upcoming week on creating a longer, more intense gothic poem.  I've noticed that lately my poetry has been more stress relieving than creative, and I think this would be an interesting opportunity for me to step outside the box and try something different.  I really want to incorporate more creative tactics back into my work.  I used to always use symbolism to mirror my actual feelings, but lately I've just been simply writing how I feel.  I leaned towards symbolism a little more in the poem above, but I want to create something much more intricate, and this will be my goal for the next two weeks! 


  1. Poe! - what a great literary influence to have for your poetry! Poe is one of my favorite poets and short-story writers as well. Which poem or short story is your favorite? I love the short-story "The Tell-Tale Heart." The narrator is so chilling! I read it aloud to my students last semester, and they loved it too!

    What a great poem you have here! This one is my favorite of your poetry, so far. There is a clear (albeit very dark) story, and your being influenced by Poe appears in the exactness of your details and the "ominous" nature of the poem. I can't wait to see your next "Gothic" poem!

    I like to think of poetry sometimes as a puzzle: the more you can make the reader try to "crack the code," the more that reader will be invested in your work. I encourage you to use "more creative tactics," as you wrote above, and see what you come up with for your poems. Look to Poe! He's a master!

    1. Ah my favorite Poe work would have to be "The Masque of the Red Death." We read it in class this year and I loved the symbolism in his description that Poe uses. I also thought the personification of Red Death was very clever.

      Thanks! I appreciate the kind words and I'm continuing to vary my style of writing.